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Looking for YUMMY Complex Carbs???

Well there is a perfect dish that combines complex carbs and proteins…it’s called mujaddara, it’s lentils and bulgar wheat with A LOT of FLAVOR!!!! It’s a simple easy recipe that you can whip together in under 30 minutes.


The yummy caramelized onions give this dish the pretty redish brown color and nutty flavor, And then you top it off with more caramelized onions, it’s just heaven! I love eating this with my tzatziki sauce, or my cucumber & tomato salad, or even with a simple cabbage salad. You will love this dish, it’s great for lunch, dinner, or even a side dish. Best of all it’s VEGAN and VEGETARIAN so you are winning on all ends of the spectrum…if there was a perfectly balanced dish, then this mujaddara dish is it!


Here’s the recipe:


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