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It’s SUMMER Time!!!

Well, it’s officially SUMMER TIME!!! Time for pools, ice cream, and of course barbecues!!!  You have your good ol’ hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs…but my favorite is some shish kabobs.  I love to use a nice juicy tender fillet, with onions, peppers, and the occasional tomato, but it’s that tender meat that gets nice and smokey on the outside and juicy on the inside.


I of course always use charcoal for my barbecue, sorry I’m NOT a fan of gas grills…they just don’t give that right barbecue flavor. Sometimes I even add some extra skewers of onions, I love how they get sweet and tender when they are grilled.  No you don’t really have to season your meat, but sometimes I like to do that, just follow the recipe on my site shish kabob.


My mom doesn’t put anything on the meat but seasons it with salt after it’s grilled and that tastes good too.    Either way, if you haven’t tried these shish kabobs, then you’re missing out…Happy Barbecuing!!!!


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