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Yesterday I did something I HATE to DO!

There are not many things that I force myself to do, if I don’t like doing them. Â But there are a few exceptions…ROLLING GRAPE LEAVES!!!! Â I hate rolling grape leaves, it’s so tedious, and my shoulders/neck hurt when I’m done. Â BUT the payoff is so rewarding. I LOVE LOVE LOVE grape leaves!!! I especially love when my mom sends me a tupperware full of already rolled grape leaves…but she didn’t have any ready for me the last time I was in Michigan. So I decided yesterday that I had to do it myself!


So I set up my rolling station, and I like to wear gloves when I roll grape leaves. Â Now, let me warn you, when you start, it may seem like you will never finish rolling and you look over and you see that you have only rolled 12 grape leaves. Â But eventually you get through it. I found that if I put something interesting to watch, it goes by faster. And if you can find someone to help you, you’ll be done in a blink of an eye. I remember being a kid and helping my mom roll grape leaves, at that time I thought it was so much FUN!


I finally have my tupperware full of nicely rolled grape leaves…although I think my mom rolls them half the size of the ones that I roll, I was happy with my work. Â I decided to save these for a nice dinner and freeze them, plus I didn’t have any nice fatty flap meat to layer in between the leaves, I feel like that’s a must with ending up with flavorful and juicy grape leaves. Â But if you have some time and you love grape leaves like I do, then I would say commit to it and start rolling!

IMG_6045 (1)


AND don’t forget, there are 2 different grape leaf recipes on my site, one vegetarian grape leaf and one meat and rice grape leaves.


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