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Soothing Sultry Soup…

The chill is in the air and pumpkins EVERYWHERE…what does this mean???

PUMPKIN SOUP TIME !!!!!!!!!photo (34)

When this time of year comes around, I can’t wait to buy up my sugar pumpkins and get to baking.  But pumpkin are not just great in cookies, cakes, and breads, they’re great in savory dishes as well.  Like my pumpkin soup recipe or my pumpkin kibbeh recipe, both are vegetarian and full of fiber and flavor.  You can even use canned pumpkin if you have to but I always to prefer to bake my pumpkins and harvest all that nice pumpkin meatiness.   This weekend I decided to make my amazing pumpkin soup recipe, it’s savory with a touch of sweetness…and very filling.  I like to top it with toasted seeds or croutons.  And I like to make large quantities and either give it out or freeze it.  If you’ve never tried pumpkin soup and seem to be a bit hesitant, I would say, just give it ONE try, even if you don’t like pumpkin, you’ll still love this soup!

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