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Chicken Chicken Chicken!!!

Nowadays everyone is always trying to eat healthier and one thing that nutritionists always tell you “eat less read meat!”…but honestly it’s not the easiest thing to do.  Sometimes chicken or fish and get so boring. I mean really, now many different ways can you season chicken? I’m sure there are a lot of different ways, but when you’re tired and just got home from work, you just want something simple, that’s gonna taste good!!!  (Drum roll) My chicken shawarma sandwich is here to save the day!!!

photo (36)

A juicy flavorful sandwich full of amazing ingredients.  Now I do have to add that there is just a little bit of planning involved. You should plan on buying the pickles and pita bread ahead of time. And if you can’t find Middle Eastern pickles or pickled turnips, then just go for the dill pickles in your fridge, I’ve done that before and they work just fine. Or you can be super chef and follow my pickled turnips recipe and just keep them on hand in the refrigerator.  Also, if you don’t have the garlic spread on hand, just mix some minced garlic with some mayo and maybe a tablespoon of tahini for added flavor.

photo (35)

I promise you’ll love the chicken flavor…remember when I won the Hidden Valley Ranch contest for this recipe (wink wink)!  And if you’re trying to avoid the carbs, then avoid the pita and just arrange it nicely in a plate like I also did above.  And don’t worry about marinating if you don’t have time, just let is sit with the marinade for at least 20 minutes while you chop up the veggies and then you’ll be good to go!  You’ll never think of bland chicken again!

Here’s the Chicken Shawarma Recipe:


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