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A nice way to make Cranberry Bread part of your Holiday Season

One of my favorite ingredients during the holiday season is cranberries!!! Now, on their own, they’re a bit tangy and pungent, but combine them with some citrus and sweetener, and you end up with a tasty treat. Â You an use them to make the traditional cranberry sauce, which is great on turkey or chicken, in a sandwich, or even on toast, but I like to make cranberry bread!

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I actually learned this recipe from a book when I was 6 years old. Â Our school librarian, Mrs. Vanderveer, read a book to us called Cranberry Thanksgiving, and at the end of the book was the cranberry bread recipe. Â She photocopied the recipe for all of the students to take home. I remember taking it to my mom and telling her that we HAD to make it for Thanksgiving. Â My mom being the great mom that she is agreed, and it has been a tradition in our family ever since then. Â I even make a few loafs after Thanksgiving because I love having it for breakfast with some cream cheese. Â Here’s the recipe link, I don’t add the raisins, instead I add more cranberries. Â If you like it, just remember you found it here!


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