Prancing around in New York

There’s a few more stops I made while in New York that I wanted to post about. Â I stopped by a wonderful sandwich/coffee place that I originally discovered in London, called Pret a Manger, they sell fresh sandwiches made daily, both hot and cold, and their stuff is organic. I have to say that their hot falafel wrap is pretty darn good! photo 4 (7) Then I had heard that Ralph Lauren opened a coffee shop in his store on 5th Avenue, and being the coffee lover that I am, I had to stop by and check that out too. Â They don’t have your large Starbucks selection of drinks, but they’re coffee is pretty good and they atmosphere is quite cozy. photo 3 (9) And of course when you’re in New York, you gotta have a New York bagel. Â This place had a long line, so you know their bagels had to be good. Â I ordered my favorite lox bagel, it was soooo good, even if they were out of capers. photo 2 (9) Yes, it does seem that I ate a lot while on my trip, but I promise that I walked about 5-7 miles a day while I was there, luckily I DID pack my walking shoes this time!

Zabar’s…My type of Candy Store!

Ok so I don’t know how many of you have heard of Zabar’s but it’s been in New York on the Westside for a very very very long time. Â It’s one of the first places I visit when I get to New York because it’s just that good. Â It’s been in a bunch of movies too, like one of my favorites “You’ve Got Mail”, when she’s in the cash line but doesn’t have cash, yep, that’s at Zabar’s. So there’s a sandwich/bagel place on the corner and then there’s the main store that’s huge! Â photo 2 (16)They have endless olives, hundreds of cheeses…and best of all is they’re coffee. Â It just has that wonderful donut shop feel but a lot stronger. Â They have this amazing bread/roll called babka and I love the cinnamon one, it’s the way to my 3 (17) photo 4 (12) photo 1 (10) So give the coffee and babka a try…and explore all their other wonderful treats!

Chelsea Market and All it’s GLORY!!!!

One of my favorite places to visit in New York is Chelsea Market. Â Not only is Food Network located here, but what a great location it is. Across the street from the Google offices, and in Chelsea. Â This little gem hold so many interesting culinary surprises. Â From the specialty ice cream shop, to the pop up shops at the end. Â It’s filled with so many different national foods, tacos, seafood, pasta, donuts, spices, cookies…I mean the list is endless. Â Not to mention the amazing decorations, when I visited it was the week of Halloween so it was super spooky. photo 3 (12) photo 2 (12) photo 5 (3) photo 1 (13) photo 1 (15) photo 4 (8) The first place I decided to try was a place called the Doughnuttery, they have these amazingly flavored bit sized donuts, you have to buy 3 of each flavor (not a big deal because you’ll definitely eat them all), and they are made fresh in front of your eyes with this mini donuts assembly line. photo 2 (14) photo 3 (14) Then we ate at a wonderful restaurant called Rana, they make their own fresh pasta and have a wonderful seasonal menu. photo 1 (14) We ate burrata, kale ceasar salad, squid ink lobster pasta, smashed seasoned potatoes, and a spinach ravioli in a butter sage sauce. photo 5 photo 4 (10) photo 3 (13) We saved the best for last…the fried chocolate ravioli with the berry sauce…OMG is all I can say. photo 2 (13) Make sure to make Chelsea Market one of your main stops in NYC!

Sorry I’ve been AWAY for so LONG!!!

Hey Everyone!!! Â Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been busy with some personal stuff. Â But I did want to show you guys my pictures of my recent trip to New York. Â I had a lot of fun food experiences there, so take a look at the pictures below and enjoy!!! Â The next few series of posts will be details pictures of things I ate in New York and wonderful places that I enjoyed! photo 1 (18) So here’s a picture of a plate of “street meat” from one of the most popular food stands in New York City! They’re located on 56th and 6th and they’re called Halal Guys. Â They’re the stand with the very very long line. One good thing about a long line is that that you know the meat has not been sitting there all day. Â And they have 2 stands nearby where they cook the meet and then transfer it to the main stand, just to keep up with the demand. It’s like 5 or 6 guys working 1 little stand. photo 1 (11) But they’re super nice and very generous. Â The plate I got was a mix plate of lamb/beef and chicken with rice and a side of the “tzatziki” sauce, which tasted more like ranch but it’s good. And they’re hot sauce it paralyzing but addictive. Â And this entire meal was for $6, probably the cheapest meal in New York. Below is a picture of the lunch line! photo 3 (11)Â So if you’re going to New York, you must give this stand a try, it’s work the wait, they get my thumbs up!

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