In my house, we keep Sunday activities to a minimum. I know a lot of people walk around saying “Sunday Funday” for for us Sunday is sit on the couch day, LOL. We do all our activities on Friday afternoons and Saturday’s. But, I also like to make a nice meal on Sunday, a nice meal with minimal work that is. So this past Sunday I opened up the freezer, as I usually do, and thought “hmmmm what can I make that’s easy but filling”…and there I saw my premade Kibbeh that I had put in the freezer a month ago, CHAÂ CHING!!!! LIFE SAVER!!!! I hade a pan of kibbeh and some kibbeh footballs.
I got a bit fancy in my kibbeh pan design, I saw my mom do it this way once and it looked great.
And my kibbeh balls, although I hate to make them because they’re more work, I did it because my daughter loves them this way and she loves kibbeh with laban (yogurt sauce), so I did a whole bunch and then froze them, that way they were ready any time.
I also had bought a bunch of parsley the day before hoping to make tabouli one day and I figured, that was the day. I also had some cheese rolls in the freezer. So I put the menu together, tabouli, hummus, labne plate, kibbeh in the pan, fried kibbeh, cheese rolls, and some french fries. Now, I know that sounds like a lot but the work was really minimal, except for the tabouli. The hummus takes 5 minutes to make, the labne was already in the fridge, I just had to peel and slice the potatoes. The kibbeh pan went into the oven and I just had to fry up the cheese rolls, kibbeh balls, and french fries. And the tabouli took about 15 minutes to prep, so all in all, it took me about 35 minutes in prep time, not bad for a Sunday dinner.
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The fries got cut out of the picture, but I’m sure you guys know what fries look like. Â You can find all of these recipe on my site. Â And just remember that when you have some free time, do some prep work and throw it in the freezer for a day when you don’t really want to work hard at putting together a great meal! That way you can enjoy your Sunday Sit on the Couch Day!