There’s a few more stops I made while in New York that I wanted to post about. Â I stopped by a wonderful sandwich/coffee place that I originally discovered in London, called Pret a Manger, they sell fresh sandwiches made daily, both hot and cold, and their stuff is organic. I have to say that their hot falafel wrap is pretty darn good!
photo 4 (7)
Then I had heard that Ralph Lauren opened a coffee shop in his store on 5th Avenue, and being the coffee lover that I am, I had to stop by and check that out too. Â They don’t have your large Starbucks selection of drinks, but they’re coffee is pretty good and they atmosphere is quite cozy.
photo 3 (9)
And of course when you’re in New York, you gotta have a New York bagel. Â This place had a long line, so you know their bagels had to be good. Â I ordered my favorite lox bagel, it was soooo good, even if they were out of capers.
photo 2 (9)
Yes, it does seem that I ate a lot while on my trip, but I promise that I walked about 5-7 miles a day while I was there, luckily I DID pack my walking shoes this time!