Ok so I don’t know how many of you have heard of Zabar’s but it’s been in New York on the Westside for a very very very long time. Â It’s one of the first places I visit when I get to New York because it’s just that good. Â It’s been in a bunch of movies too, like one of my favorites “You’ve Got Mail”, when she’s in the cash line but doesn’t have cash, yep, that’s at Zabar’s.
So there’s a sandwich/bagel place on the corner and then there’s the main store that’s huge! Â photo 2 (16)They have endless olives, hundreds of cheeses…and best of all is they’re coffee. Â It just has that wonderful donut shop feel but a lot stronger. Â They have this amazing bread/roll called babka and I love the cinnamon one, it’s the way to my heart.photo 3 (17) photo 4 (12) photo 1 (10)
So give the coffee and babka a try…and explore all their other wonderful treats!