Yesterday I made some grilled chicken (shish tawook), and while it was amazing and my toddler loved it, I wanted to make something else for her with the chicken.
I was craving some okra, and had some mini okra frozen in the freezer, and since I had the leftover chicken, what’s better than joining the two!
I skipped the cooking the meat or chicken part of the recipe since my chicken was already cooked, I just cut it up into small cubes. I continued to sauteed the onions, garlic, and okra, then I add the chicken and tomato sauce, and whatever other ingredients my recipe asked for, let it simmer for a bit so that the flavors merge.
The flavors were amazing! No one could tell that I used grilled chicken for the recipe, and little to say my toddler was a happy camper.
Here’s the recipe:
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